Martinsburg, WV

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    Herbal and Spiritual Mentors and Guides

    I wouldn't be who and what I am without these incredible healers. A page of gratitude for their teachings.


    I must start my gratitude list with Mother Nature. Thank you for your patience, persistence, and infinite wisdom. I receive so many gifts when I slow down to see what is around me every day and everywhere. Thank you for your balance, for your cycles, for your trees, plants, flowers, herbs, oceans, deserts, forests, mountains, and rivers. Thank you for your beauty. For your sunsets that take my breath away. For the still moments. For your lessons. For your abundance and generosity.


    Thank you to chamomile, one of my strongest allies on this herbal journeys. There with me from the very beginning, long before I even knew I was on a road, chamomile hitched a ride into my home through a bottle of essential oil (shout out to Snow Lotus and Floracopeia as great sources of organic essential oils). Chamomile taught me the lesson of strength in softness. Over and over and over. Helping me through anxiety of all kinds with her gentle ways. She’s no pushover, though, just look to see which herbal tea is on the menu of most every restaurant and you will see the power she carries. (Note on pronouns used for herbs: herbs aren’t really a “he” or a “she” so I use the pronoun for the energy of what the plant is sharing in the circumstance. In this case, most certainly a feminine energy. There is a neutral pronoun “ki” available, but I’m not used to writing or speaking with that one yet.)


    Thank you to dandelion, for your lessons in tenacity and your strength in cleaning out the sludge of the liver. I receive so much joy from a simple walk around the neighborhood, watching you poke your head out here and there, especially in those places where “weed” killer was unsuccessful. You grow in the mostly unlikely and seemingly impossible of places. 


    Thank you to lemon balm, for your sweet relaxation skills. You go oh so well in so many formulas and you help me through the busiest of days.


    Big love and gratitude to Kaiya Larson (, my acupuncturist and soul sister. Kaiya helps me to keep my spirits high and my body less grumpy. I would not be able to accomplish half of what I do without her and this herbal venture would have taken much, much longer to appear. Thank you for your love, compassion, guidance, and care over the years.


    Thank you to Rosemary Gladstar ( and Asia Suler (, my main herbalist mentors. Rosemary jump started my herbal passion when I attended her “herb camp” a few years back. I had no idea I would be receiving my first herbal lessons from one of the grandmothers of American herbalism. Rosemary’s passion and glee around herbs is contagious and I certainly caught the fever. Rosemary provided the grounding for my herbal education and Asia, through her Intuitive Plant Medicine course, provided the blast-off. I was amazed at the array of herbal modalities Asia introduced me to: flower essences, dreamwork, shamanic journeying with plants, plant and stone medicine, and earth acupuncture. Asia has a unique gift to help you truly see your worth and value through herbal practices and education. She speaks from her heart and her compassion runs deep. Both herbalists are gifted teachers and I am so very grateful they have chosen to share this gift with the world.