Martinsburg, WV

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    Healing Resources (most in the DC area)

            I have worked with each of these practitioners (or visited the community, with regard to Findhorn) and recommend them highly from my personal experience. This does not mean they will be a fit for you. Finding a good healer is like finding a good therapist; it can take time.


    Acupuncture - Kaiya Larson and Rose Truby of Sagelight Wellness ( in Columbia, Maryland.


    Acupuncture for animals (my pup Cheers is a big fan!) - Dr. Pema Mallu, Holistic Veterinary Healing: in Germantown, Maryland.

    Emotional intuitive - Barbara Rasor:


    Healing touch and spiritual response therapy (distance work) - Renata Maniaci:

    Massage - Laura Wurst: Alexandria, VA.

    Meditation - Tara Brach: Bethesda, Maryland.

    Plant spirit medicine - Jen Frey: (this is stretching “DC area” a bit, but it’s worth the drive ;)

    Spiritual community and eco-village: Located in the Highlands of Scotland, this place is truly magical. If you're feeling called to visit, I can only advise you to listen to that call!

    If you have any questions, I would be happy to share my experience and would love to hear from you!